WordCampYVR & More . . .

Word Camp YVR
June 12, 2010

Confirmed speakers to date:
John Biehler
Dave Olson*

*All supposing Dave has recovered sufficiently from his surgery and is strong enough to attend. He has had a few set-backs from his ordeal which included a return to the hospital. Sufficeth to say Dave has been through the mill and back again. (I’ll spare you the gory details.)

And then there was Northern Voice . . .

Unfortunately Dave was unable to fulfill his speaking gig at Northern Voice 2010 held on May 7th and 8th, so with help from friends, he made a video presentation to be played in his absence. Dave has not missed presenting for NV in five years so has become an institution who attendees look forward to hearing.

Dave puts it this way: “Missing making arts and crafts, going to work and chillaxing. I’m up and about today trying to reinvent myself a wee bit. Thanks to Trevor for loading me up with Chinese herbs (effective despite the horrendous taste) and to all the Northern Voice attendees who chimed in with kind words and beloved friends and family for healing encouragement.” And to all the NV viewers: “Thanks for all the kind feedback – it was a fine tonic to my ailing guts.”

You can read more about Northern Voice and see the video production (in two parts) here: Northern Voice 2010 There’s even a dedication to his Mom – that’s me! How great is that?

There are a lot of people missing your fun!


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