Happy 37th Birthday Funboy!

Happy Birthday Dan
With Much Love & Best Wishes
From Your Lucky Mother
August 1st, 2010

10 BC ~ Claudius, Roman Emperor
1313 ~ Emperor Kogan, Japanese Emperor
1520 ~ Sigismund II Augustus, King of Poland
1770 ~ William Clark, Explorer, Lewis & Clark Expedition
1779 ~ Francis Scott Key, Composer
1890 ~ Herman Melville, Author
1933 ~ Dom DeLuise, Comedian
1936 ~ Yves Saint Laurent, Fashion Designer
1942 ~ Jerry Garcia, Musical God
1956 ~ Tom Leykis, Talk Show Host
1963 ~ Coolio, Rapper
1964 ~ Adam Duritz, Lead Singer, Counting Crows

1973 ~ Daniel Mark Mathias Olson, Beloved Son, Baseball Legend,
UBC Student, Vice-President of External, FunBoy,
Chemical Engineer & All-Around Great Brother & Uncle!

Many Happy Returns Dear Son!



Abundant love and blessings for those who fought
for or are fighting now for our freedom.

Especially remembering those family and friends from
Scotland, USA and Canada who served/serve valiantly.

Honor our military, no matter your opinion on war!

Outward Bound


By the time you read this entry I will be up in the air on my way to Utah.
My grandkids await their Grandma, and most especially her suitcases full o’ fun!

This (year old) picture will give you an idea of the cuties that are awaiting my arrival.
Do you think I will see changes in (L-R) Emily, Hannah and baby Lee?
No doubt about it!

I have scheduled a few posts in advance and will try to do live ones as well,
however no promises as I will be out on adventures with some very cute kids.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines
and their cheap flights and great perks
I am going to Salt Lake City, Logan,
then St. George, Grand Canyon, Arizona
and will fly home from Las Vegas mid-June!

Yep, that’s me!

I tried to find a picture to illustrate that I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but the images were all too gory. Not a nice sight for you, me or the chicken. So just trust me when I tell you that I am in a total dither getting the last of everything packed up, chores done, a few errands run so I’ll be ready to board the plane at o’ dark 30 tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I still can’t find a few things, like the apple corer that I was going to take to James and Cena. (I know I put it in a safe place so it could be grabbed easily when the time came.) And there are still a few more things on my list to do, but hopefully before nightfall I will be done and happy with the results. Once I am out the door at 5:15am, sitting in the airport shuttle, heading north to SeaTac, there is no turning back so I can finally relax!

Lauralee relax?
Can’t use those two words in the same sentence!

Happy National Quiche Lorraine Day!

Or should I have said
“Happy Quiche Auntie Lorayne Day?”

The beauty of a quiche is that, like pizza, it is a canvas. You can take a basic recipe for the egg/cream filling and embellish it with other ingredients in any way your heart and stomach desires. Make your own favorite pastry dough or buy the store variety, either one works great and you are ready to go. For me it is a best way to clean out and use up my fridge leftovers.

For a 10″ pie or tart pan.
Beat together:
3-6 large eggs
1½ cups heavy cream (or 1 cup of sour cream)
Can thin with a little milk if required.
Salt and pepper, to taste.

Line your pan with the dough, then add all your jazzy extras to the pie crust.
The easiest ingredients are pre-cooked meats and chopped vegetables.
Then top (or mixed in) the cheese. All different kinds are delicious.
Swiss is the most popular, but you can even throw in a variety blend.
Mix and match as all combinations are tasty.
And finally pour the egg mixture over all the fillings.

Bake the quiche for about 45 minutes in a 300 degree oven or until the egg filling is set.
(Most recipes call for a 350 degree oven, but I find that too hot and curdling happens.)

Here is the best Quiche Lorraine recipe from
All Recipes.com.

Slice it, serve it, and enjoy – even “real men” love quiche!

Wishes Do Come True!


Thanks to 2nd Entertainment in the UK.
In VG/VG condition inside and out.

Well, that was E-Z!
What should I wish for next?

Desperately Seeking Lou Reed

This is an oldtimer phonograph album by LOU REED
that I would very much like to have in my collection.

First Solo Album
Two years after he left The Velvet Underground
Released in Europe in 1972 by RCA Victor.
Featuring artwork by famed English artist, Tom Adams.

Although the album was a commercial & critical
disappointment, it does have an awesome cover.

A handsome reward for anyone who can help me find it!
(For a reasonable price!)