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Agatha Christie Collection(s) – for sale

Hello Dame Agatha Christie enthusiasts,

My beloved late mother was an Agatha Christie super fan, collector and reseller (via eBay).

When she passed away, she left her huge collection with instructions for her sons to sell and make sure they “go to a good home” and don’t break up the sets.

However, I/we know very little about the Agatha Christie fan community, nor the value of the collections. As such, I’ve compiled photos of the collections and am reaching out to various associations and clubs asking for honest and candid advice about value, as well as offering these items for sale – in complete batches please, not individually.

You will notice comprehensive and complete sets in various editions and formats including: oversize editions, French language, the (extra desirable) Tom Adams covers, various paperback and hardbacks… plus books about Agatha Christie and her world, complete VHS tapes of Poirot series, finally lovely fonds / dossiers of magazine/newspaper articles, playbills, various reports and so on.

Various collections of books by Agatha Christie

Collection of VHS tapes

Dossier of Agatha Christie related articles, playbills, ephemera

Books about Agatha Christie and her world and related culture

The books are currently all in Utah (USA) and, ideally would be sold off in a few batches to minimize the work with shipping. I will be in Utah on US Labor Day weekend (early September) hoping to ship these out to the lucky recipients.

In a spirit of transparency, I welcome all opinions and assistance for assessing proper value, and finding new homes for all these items. As such, please feel free to share with any Agatha Christie associations, clubs, libraries and enthusiasts who may find any of these items of interest.

This collection was my Mother’s prize possession (besides her 5 sons :)), and I/we look forward to seeing her joy continued on someone else’s shelves.

You can contact me directly via or add comments to this post.

Yours, Dave (son #2)


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