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Outward Bound


By the time you read this entry I will be up in the air on my way to Utah.
My grandkids await their Grandma, and most especially her suitcases full o’ fun!

This (year old) picture will give you an idea of the cuties that are awaiting my arrival.
Do you think I will see changes in (L-R) Emily, Hannah and baby Lee?
No doubt about it!

I have scheduled a few posts in advance and will try to do live ones as well,
however no promises as I will be out on adventures with some very cute kids.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines
and their cheap flights and great perks
I am going to Salt Lake City, Logan,
then St. George, Grand Canyon, Arizona
and will fly home from Las Vegas mid-June!


Yep, that’s me!

I tried to find a picture to illustrate that I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but the images were all too gory. Not a nice sight for you, me or the chicken. So just trust me when I tell you that I am in a total dither getting the last of everything packed up, chores done, a few errands run so I’ll be ready to board the plane at o’ dark 30 tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately I still can’t find a few things, like the apple corer that I was going to take to James and Cena. (I know I put it in a safe place so it could be grabbed easily when the time came.) And there are still a few more things on my list to do, but hopefully before nightfall I will be done and happy with the results. Once I am out the door at 5:15am, sitting in the airport shuttle, heading north to SeaTac, there is no turning back so I can finally relax!

Lauralee relax?
Can’t use those two words in the same sentence!

TODAY, I am here.

TOMORROW, details.

A Romance With Curling

On Wall Street, a Romance With Curling

From The New York Times:
The oddball of the Olympics has captivated traders thanks to CNBC, which covers curling after the closing bell.

Complete New York Times Article*

~ Jae C. Hong, Associated Press Photo

Here Switzerland’s Skip, Mirjam Ott, yells during the bronze medal women’s curling match against China yesterday.

Last night, in totally thrilling final matches, Sweden takes the gold over Canada: 7-6. Canada has the silver. China took the bronze medal over Switzerland: 12-6. A simply awesome series!

UPDATE: 2/27/10 ~ In the Men’s Curling Finals, results: Gold: Canada, Silver: Norway, Bronze: Switzerland

* Thanks to my son, Bob, for sending me this timely article. Looks
like I am ahead of the Wall Street crowd in my love of curling.


The Sewing and Stitchery Expo is the largest, most comprehensive consumer education and trade event for the sewing industry in the United States! This is the perfect place for both experienced and beginning sewers and quilters (and everyone else!) to indulge their creative passions or explore new ones. With more than 400 booths to shop from, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Click here for the amazing details of this gigantic event.

Don’t call, I’ll be away all day!

Partie quatre ~ Remains of the Day

When we were exiting the curling venue I saw this Swedish fan. I immediately initiated a conversation and I found out that he lives very close to my sister in Sweden. I asked if I could take his picture to share on my blog, and since Sweden’s women won their match, he was very enthusiastic, as were all his buddies. I’ll be anxious to see how the Swedish team does in the finals.

Then on to the remainder of our day full of fun!

Throughout the day we took all kinds of transportation to get everywhere: Walked, bus, tram, sky train, seabus and city bus. Our Olympics tickets were had the cost of all transportation built-in for 48 hours after the event. So it was economical to get everywhere without needing change for the fares. There were volunteers at every turn to help visitors to get on the way to their next destination. It was all so E-Z.

Here are a few of our other stops throughout the day!

Granville Island ~ Host to the World Pavillions

The Belfast House Candahar ~ Authentic Pub

The Public Market ~ Vendors Galore

The French Pavillion ~ Lotz to see!

The Emily Carr University of Art & Design ~ Code2

The Swiss House ~ Fondue

The Atlantic House ~ Maritimes

The Granville Island Brewing Company ~ For A Little R&R

And by the end of it all I was happy, but pooped, and ready to head home. Great memories of a fabulous birthday with those I love. What could be better than that?

Un peu plus à dire demain . . .

Partie trois ~ Women’s Curling

There were eight teams competing that Wednesday. All were vying for placement further down the line. There were a lot of countries with Women’s Curling teams, so it will go on daily for a while yet. The finals are on the 26th. Once the semi-finals begin I am hoping I can catch some of it on our USA stations, but so far I have seen very little coverage.

Meanwhile, back to my day at the venue. Teams playing against each other were:

China vs Great Britain
Germany vs USA
Switzerland vs Sweden
Japan vs Canada

The women’s team trials are all underway. There are 10 “Ends” to each match, so there was lotza action to see the whole time. Most games were total nail biters, so it was fun to anticipate the correct strategies for each team. There is none better at sorting out the best moves than my Dan. He called it throughout the whole event which made for super extra excitement!

USA’s Team.

Canada’s Team

Here is a super video that Dan made with my camera. It is showing a particularly tense move by Canada playing against Japan. It is a really good sequence and shows a lot of the game play. Click the link below the screen.

Japan’s Team

Here is the Switzerland (red) vs Sweden (yellow) Game

Final Scores

Une plus d’entrée à aller . . .