Commemorating Mom at Univ of Utah’s Body Donor Program Memorial

++ Body Donor Program Memorial, Friday, May 26 in SLC ++

Friends of Mom,

As you may know, Lauralee Stevenson Olson Elliott donated her body to medical science research through a program at University of Utah. Each year the program hosts a memorial program at a special monument at a cemetery in The Avenues in SLC, Utah. Me and other Olson boys will be there so share our love for our beloved champion.

More info about the UofU program (including how to bequeath yourself), as well as the event details, are at the link included, with the most relevant bits conveniently pasted.

#Freehugs, davey (LL’s 2nd by birth but tied for favourite)


Serious Olson, Eccentric Olson, Jovial Olson. Strong team Representing for Lauralee Stevenson Olson Elliott in SLC

Bob, Dave, Gent from Body Donor Program, Andrew

Made ya a card to put on the shared headstone

Made ya a card to put on the shared headstone

Close-up of card with Queen’s from the world


Annual Memorial Service: A memorial service is held annually, on the Friday before Memorial Day, at 11 am, at the Donor Gravesite in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. All are invited to attend. The service includes speakers, music, and congregational sharing; refreshments follow. The service is attended by the families and friends of donors as well as faculty, staff, students, and others with an interest.



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