Hannah’s First Day of School

Yesterday was Hannah’s first day of “real” school!
~ August 24, 2010 ~
She entered kindergarten at Adams Elementary School.

Hannah rode her bike back and forth and did great.
She is in the morning group and just loved it all so much!
Hannah is such a friendly and cheerful little girl, she’ll do so well.

Hannah sure likes her new teacher, but had a bit
of a hard time remembering Mrs. Garrido’s name at first.
She met some new friends and saw old friends too!

I’m the lucky Grandma who got a first hand account last night on
the telephone, with all the details . . . including the snacks!

Hannah even got homework the first day.
Gotta have something to put in her new backpack!


4 responses to this post.

  1. So cute!!! Don’t you just love it when they’re so excited to share?


  2. Such memorable times. I do wish the enthusiasm could stay.


  3. Oh how cute… I didn’t realize that she and Leo would be the same age at school. He starts kindy next week. What a darling girl!


  4. Lauralee, where are you?


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