Happy National Quiche Lorraine Day!

Or should I have said
“Happy Quiche Auntie Lorayne Day?”

The beauty of a quiche is that, like pizza, it is a canvas. You can take a basic recipe for the egg/cream filling and embellish it with other ingredients in any way your heart and stomach desires. Make your own favorite pastry dough or buy the store variety, either one works great and you are ready to go. For me it is a best way to clean out and use up my fridge leftovers.

For a 10″ pie or tart pan.
Beat together:
3-6 large eggs
1½ cups heavy cream (or 1 cup of sour cream)
Can thin with a little milk if required.
Salt and pepper, to taste.

Line your pan with the dough, then add all your jazzy extras to the pie crust.
The easiest ingredients are pre-cooked meats and chopped vegetables.
Then top (or mixed in) the cheese. All different kinds are delicious.
Swiss is the most popular, but you can even throw in a variety blend.
Mix and match as all combinations are tasty.
And finally pour the egg mixture over all the fillings.

Bake the quiche for about 45 minutes in a 300 degree oven or until the egg filling is set.
(Most recipes call for a 350 degree oven, but I find that too hot and curdling happens.)

Here is the best Quiche Lorraine recipe from
All Recipes.com.

Slice it, serve it, and enjoy – even “real men” love quiche!


One response to this post.

  1. Quiche is always a favorite at our house, and I too love that it uses up lots of bits and pieces of leftovers in the fridge.


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