It always happens . . .

At the most inconvenient time!

But then again, is there ever a good time for the car to breakdown?

My pals, Bill and Kathy, led the way over to the auto mechanic first thing this morning. I followed closely behind driving my poor sick car, hoping all the while that the temperature guage would not soar to the top and explode. Half way there I popped the hood to allow the morning air to get to the engine and keep it cooler. It worked and we made it all the way to Lacey without incident.

Now I wait for the mechanic to call with the “good” news. That is the only news I can bear hearing right about now, so I am remaining positive and throwing out good vibrations to the universe.

The car owes me nothing, and I owe nothing for it. It has been reliable and trustworthy most of the time, so why should I arbitrarily toss it to the wind? I usually don’t even drive it more than five +/- times a month, but those times are vital to my overall mental state.

I will continue putting on band-aids for now.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, I’m sorry about this…hope it is definitely GOOD news for you. And, that it only costs $50.00 to fix….could that ever be possible?


  2. So sorry Auntie, that stinks. Hope that only good news comes your way.


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