Lotza Updates

1. Turns out that that cute pink chair was too low to
use with my sewing machine. The chair didn’t
adjust high enough to fit my machine. Enter
Bill with a white Goodwill find. It works perfectly!
Can’t beat the price either.

2. Is my office getting smaller . . . again? Where does
all this stuff come from. Maybe I’m using it as a convenient
“storage shed,” without the monthly fees. I’m too redfaced
to even post a picture of the latest mess. The Box Monsters
are back and eating up my space. Outta control. No end in sight.
Help me Rhonda!

3. That 42″ TV from Costco didn’t work out according to my
original plan. But I like the new arrangement even better. Seems
Dan has his eye on a newer TV so we struck a deal and I’m keeping
his oldtimer. Worked out fine from my end I saved my $$$ to boot!

4. Only 11 more days until I board the plane to Utah.
Counting down the calendar until I see my grandkids.
It’ll be the first time holding my namesake, little Lee.
Hannah told to me to pack lotza toys in my suitcase.
You can be sure it will be full of surprises and books!

5. My garden is totally weeded, cleaned and ready to plant.
Thanks in part to Zack and Philip, but mostly to Kathy.
She loves to work in my yard to relieve any aggression.
That works for me!

6. Dave is recovering from his operation however the prognosis
has changed . . . again. Who is minding my son’s pain? Turns
out now that he didn’t have a tumor, or a hernia removed, but
indeed excess scar tissue. From what? More answers coming
when he goes for his two week check-up. Is his pain really gone?

7. Kathy and I have a big headstart on Christmas 2010!
Our projects have started and we are having a grand time
sorting through all the possibilities, patterns, colors, etc.
Can you guess what we’re making this year – in large quanity?

8. My WhirlyGiggle quilt is coming along so cute. I’m having the
most fun making lovely quilt pieces with my June Tailor
Shape Cutter Plus
. Makes the cutting job soooo easy.
Using up scraps of fabric from other days-gone-by
projects is making my little recycling heart sing.

9. I heard from Bob in Afghanistan yesterday for Mother’s
Day and that was, of course, a total thrill. But the other news he
bore was a huge relief. His package arrived a couple of days
ago in perfect condition! The Nanaimo Bars were fresh,
delicious and still in lovely shaped bars. I had visions of
him spooning a big melted mess off the plastic wrap.

10. Congratulations to my grandson Kaito in California.
After he won his high school and district Science Fair, he went
on to come second place in the Regional Championships in the
Chemistry division. What an accomplishment when you consider
he’s a 9th grader competing against upper classmen. And he did
the project all by himself as his Dad is in Afghanistan. What will
happen next is hard to tell. This young man is a First Class competitor!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great Update. I feel so informed now. I am glad the surgery went well. Surgeries are so stressful. All your projects sound really fun.


  2. It looks like you get here as we are on our way out. You have the cutest little ones waiting for you.If we don’t see you have a great time with your GRANDS.


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