Same Kind of Different As Me

An international art dealer and a modern-day slave from Louisiana become friends after the art dealer is roped into volunteering at a homeless shelter by his saintly wife. Sounds like it’s got to be fiction, but that’s the true story!

Here is a book that I’ll personally recommend as a stirring and
unforgettable story, and for the pure joy of reading it. This one
caught me, is holding on tight and I am enjoying every minute
of it. Also, I’m not one bit surprised that it has been optioned
for a movie, with Samuel L. Jackson playing the part of Denver
Moore. This is one you don’t want to miss.

“Lives don’t come much more hardscrabble than Denver Moore’s: born in rural Louisiana, Moore, with his family, worked on a plantation where they were “paid” in credit instead of cash. In the 1960s he began riding the rails, living as a hobo – a life that eventually led to a 10-year stint in Louisiana’s infamous Angola prison. Finally, in a Fort Worth homeless shelter, he became friends with Debbie Hall, and in turn Debbie’s husband Ron, a Texas art dealer. The story of their unique friendship, Moore’s inspiring escape from homelessness, and their shared faith in God’s grace makes for an uplifting spiritual memoir – one made more poignant by the death of Debbie in 2000, the tragic event that led to the writing of this wonderful book.”

Sorry this is short but I gotta get back to my book!


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