One of the projects I have been planning for a while is a super fun quilt called WhirlyGiggle. I found it featured in a blog called Crazy Mom Quilts, which I found on a blog my niece, Heather, keeps called stitch7. It was on her blog sidebar. You know how that goes, we link to link to link and wind up in all kinds of wild and wonderful places.

While I am not going to use these colors particularly, this will give you an idea of the overall effect it portrays. I think it’s way cool. For sure it would use up a lot of my bits and pieces of scraps from days-gone-by projects. Given my pace, I have no doubt it will be at least a year before I am finished with it, however you can be sure that once done I will post my results for the world to see.

The WhirlyGiggle (aka Scrapy Cartwheels) and is also kind of a take-off of the old Pinwheels quilt. It needs two templates, preferably two contrasting colors. You can cut the templates out of any plastic recycleable. Obviously the size of the templates would change depending on what size blocks and what size of finished quilt you want. Anywhere from dolly-size to king-size. From say 3″ to 10″ blocks.

I need to keep my head on straight, so will use different colors for the templates to make sure which fabric is which. I have a notion that there is an easier way to cut these pieces using long strips of fabric and the ruler and rotary cutter, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m still at the “bright idea” and “thinking” stage.

Here is the block put together and an easy trim would bring the blocks all the same size with no difficulty. I think this would be an awesome beginners quilt for a young person learning how to sew. Not only is it simple but it gives a surprisingly fun effect when assembled. You could come up with all kinds of involved patterns for the WhirlyGiggle or just have the two colors per finished block.

A totally fun and fanciful quilt any way you slice it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Aren’t her quilts inspiring! I love the one you picked, and I am excited to see it as you work on it. Your first square looks great!


  2. SO SO CUTE!!!


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