Do One Green Thing

“One green thing: It’s so simple. This book takes the pressure off
by giving you one easy but effective choice to make in each basic
area of your life. Do One Green Thing makes me feel happy
and confident that more positive change is afoot, and that we all
have an important and rewarding part to play.” ~ Meryl Streep

“Now you can stop making excuses and go green in a way that suits you,
and that you understand. Do One Green Thing is a trove of good advice
that is fun to read. Added to that, Mindy’s done all the hard work.
This is a wonderful book.”
~ Jane Smiley, Pulitzer Prizewinning author of A Thousand Acres

Do One Green Thing is a handy guide full of practical
tips for everyday green living. I hope it inspires many people to
do many green things . . . for their well-being and the
survival of our planet. ~Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund

Healthy, Cost-Conscious Eco Living Website

These are the Eco-Friendly things that I do faithfully:
1. Changed all the lightbulbs in and out of my house to fluorescent bulbs. (From the smallest to the largest.)
2. Pay all my monthly bills online. (Saves the environment plus the cost of stamps.)
3. Get books and movies from the library as much as practical. (Saves money too.)
4. Read the local, national and international news online. (No more newspapers.)
5. Recycle every piece of paper possible. (Cardboard, computer paper, magazines, flyers, etc.)
6. Deliver unwanted items to appropriate new homes. (OlyReuseables, Freecycle, Various Charities, Books For Prisoners, Women in Crisis, Senior Center Boutique, etc.)
7. Send all outdated or unwanted food to Bobby Johnson’s farm for his animals. (He call his hens “The Ladies.”)
8. Turn the thermostat completely off at night. Dress in layers during the day. (Even in the winter.)
9. Drive my car a whole lot less. (Thanks to Bill and Kathy this is easy as they have a hybrid car.)
10. Keep unnecessary lights turned off during the day. (My apartment is on the north side, so this is sometimes hard.)
11. Reuse and/or recycle all boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies. (Only need to buy tape.)
12. Encourage friends and neighbors in my complex to adopt good recycling habits. (It’s E-Z!)

Happy Earth Day!


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