Handy Pressing Mat

I am getting into and enjoying my sewing machine more and more these days. I just finished taking another class with more “new” techniques. Nothing too fancy, just basically bringing me into the modern world of sewing. And I’m especially learning more about what my sewing machine can actually do for me.

My first sewing experiences began back in the dark ages, where we literally ripped cotton material to size! Long before rotary cutters and acryllic rulers and self-dealing mats. And that’s just the start of the differences. But I digress . . .

The project for next week is to make a usable, portable pressing board/mat. I searched through the internet and found this instructional video to be just about what I need. I’ll purchase all the materials on Monday and get right to it.

Here is the tutorial that I am going to use:

Ideas? Suggestions?
Your helpful tips are always welcome.


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  1. Never thought of making one. Hmmm.


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