You’ve seen the ads . . .


Available in three delicious flavors, Almond Breeze delicately sweetened with evaporated cane juice is a super-creamy and refreshing non-dairy treat. Low in calories too!

“Almond Breeze® Original: We created it as a better-tasting milk alternative for our lactose-intolerant customers, but soon discovered that many of our customers simply like the taste.

Almond Breeze® Vanilla: If you enjoy the flavors of vanilla and almonds, you’ll love Almond Breeze® Vanilla nondairy beverage. Made with real almonds and natural vanilla flavor, it’s a chilled glass of heaven. Plus with only 90 calories per cup and no saturated fat, it has fewer calories and less saturated fat than 1 percent milk.

Almond Breeze® Chocolate: Next time you have a craving for something sweet and chocolate, pour yourself a cup of Almond Breeze® Chocolate. Even with a dash of chocolate decadence, it still has fewer calories than a glass of 2 percent milk and no saturated fat.”

Everything they say in the commercial is true. It is delicious, nutty and creamy and a super great substitute for milk. I have it on my morning porridge or cereal, in my protein shake smoothies and in my hot chocolate. It adds such a lovely flavor, and only a hint of almond taste. I like the vanilla flavored one best, although I haven’t tried the chocolate, as it has not appeared in our stores yet.

If you’re game to try something new,
then Almond Breeze should be on your list.


One response to this post.

  1. I have never tried Almond milk, but I have always been curious. Now I’m going to look for it the next time I am out shopping.


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