It was a dark and stormy Friday.


Knowing my luck, yesterday was the very day that I needed to travel up to Tacoma for participation in a class that I wanted to take. You cannot believe how tempted I was that morning to say “NO WAY” am I venturing out of my house. But with resolve, I gritted my teeth, loaded the car, and went up the road to my destination at early o’clock.

Harrowing freeway traffic with cars, trucks, accidents and gloom met me on every side. Still, I forged on in my old car, windshield wipers going a dinger and the defroster cranked, with my eye ever on my destination. I stopped to buy gas and was soaked through as I got back into the car, even though the pumps were under a shelter of sorts.

The bad weather never abated, from beginning to end, and the wind gusts at 50mph only added enhanced insult to rainy misery. They don’t call it “liquid sunshine” for no reason.

Happily, the trip (and the class) turned out to
be safe, wonderful and worth all the travel woes.



One response to this post.

  1. Okay, well, we are all dying to know what class could possibly motivate you to travel in such wretched weather?


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