Blanket/Throw/Coverlet /Quilt/Lap Robe/Afghan

Whatever you call it, it looks super easy!

I saw this cute quilt in a catalog and thought it would be so fun
to do with my little grandgirls when they get a bit bigger
and their little fingers can do the knots.

Such a great project. Don’tcha think?

Here’s what you need, basically.
Very flexible for different sizes, shapes, designs & uses.

I’ve seen plenty of fleece material in remnant
bins, so the overall cost would be less.
Likely a better quality than the catalog version too.
You can cut the squares so quickly with a rotary cutter and
the fringes can even be cut by little hands with snub nose scissors.
I wonder if it should be tied with square knots?
Or does it really matter overall?

I’m thinking it would also be a super Summer project.
Like making potholders at camp!

See, told you it was E-Z !


2 responses to this post.

  1. My kids always want to help so this would be perfect. Thanks for the idea.


  2. I have seen a blanket similar to this, but I like this version better, as well as the cheerful color combination. This would make a cute and easy project for my kids, thanks Auntie!


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