How can I justify $11.59 a roll?

It all started about three years ago when
I went shopping at my favorite discount
“supermarket,” Grocery Outlet.

On that visit I randomly I found a product that I thought I’d give a try. It was “Reynolds EZ Slide Plastic Wrap,” and it came in a variety of colors. I bought one, was instantly hooked at the ease of tearing off the plastic, plus the fun of the colors, so I ran back to the store and bought up a little supply. In fact I bought so many that it took me these three years to finally run out.

Lavender, Rose, Green, Blue & Clear

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week. I went looking to replace this product, thinking it would be a snap. I went to Grocery Outlet, Safeway, Top Foods, Fred Meyer and Mega Foods. All with no success. They didn’t even have the plastic wrap in colors, nevermind the EZ Slide box variety. So I came home and immediately sent Reynolds an e-mail asking where I could find this product.

I was surprised to get a speedy reply stating that “due to lack of customer interest” they had stopped making this product. WHAT? This was the most deluxe item, so easy to use and beyond fun for wrapping little gifts for any holiday. Oh, and it was also good for the usual uses of plastic wrap too, and the added benefit of the EZ Slide made for a wrinkle-free and frustration-free user experience.

Never to give up, I thought I’d try the internet and see if anyone was selling it from their site. I found some on eBay – for, at least to me, enormous prices! Some smart seller knew that this was potentially an “in-demand” product and bought up a whole lot of stock. But oh, those prices! The range was from $11.59 to $14.25 for ONE roll of this film. Who would ever pay such a price? Certainly not me. Then I went to the eBay Solds History and found out that a whole bunch of people were willing to pay the price. (Obviously, once you have the EZ Slide carton you can keep using it, replacing the rolls of plastic wrap, until the box finally falls apart.)

You can find the colored Reynolds “Sealed-Tight” Plastic Wrap (without the handy EZ Slide box) on eBay too, at more outrageous prices, especially considering the shipping costs! It is my suggestion that if you see this item in your area stores, grab it up and make yourself a fortune!

However, the initial investment, for a paper box and
plastic insert, is beyond my comprehension and capability.
I’m just going back to the old way. Not a biggie!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I, like you, have been disappointed when manufacturers pull their products off the shelves. It just goes to prove that nothing is forever….except chocolate.


  2. Posted by reliablejim on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Mom, I decided that the kids can go without food this week – we’ll send you 10 rolls.


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