Dan ~ The New VP of External

*Photo courtesy of DaveO.

Yes indeedy, Dan won the UBC election!

~ Below is a partial reprint from “UBC Insiders,” the premiere independent student news source. This excerpt deals with Dan’s win of the EUS elections.

“Olson is the classical risen-from-the-fog type of candidate. As a transfer student, his connection to the EUS was weak and his impression of student societies at other institutions had tainted his faith in the legitimacy of student governments. After participating in the UBC Engineering Competition put on by students through the EUS, however, he was surprised at how tangibly an event could bring students together. Winning that competition, he went on to compete in the Western Engineering Competition and then continued his involvement attending numerous engineering-related conferences throughout Canada.”

“When he realized that this was something that was important to him, he began to shadow the incumbent VP External, learning everything he could from her to prepare for his candidacy.”

“Candidates driven by passion through positive experiences are gold mines for productive and committed Executives with big ideas and the drive to see them through. There is certainly something to be said about the cynical candidate, but in this time of positive growth, I say “If your government is on the rise and you like where it’s headed, don’t elect someone who hates your government to run your government.” I have full faith in the direction this organization is headed and I am extremely excited to see Dan Olson take the reins in this portfolio.”

Congratulations Son!
(There you go making your Mother proud again.)


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  1. Holy cow, what an amazing write-up. Very very awesome indeed.


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