Dagoba Chocolate


I just discovered this unique and exotic chocolate today. It is truly beautiful and simply amazing. Click above link for all the details. If you are an early adopter and eager to experience something really different, then give it a try. Certified organic! Their website is very cool too, with some state-of-the-art effects. Fun to navigate.

There are chocolate bars, baking chocolate, drinking chocolate, professional chocolates and more. I found a few of the flavors in my Grocery Outlet today, but have no doubt you can find more in your own supermarkets or specialty candy stores.

Lavender Blueberry Bar (59% Cacao)
Lavender, blueberries and dark chocolate blended
for a divine, calming experience with antioxidants.

This is the flavor I tried today and was mesmerized!
The price of each candy bar on the website = $3.45 each plus shipping,
however my purchase was only $1.99 each, and of course no shipping cost.

16 Additional Interesting Flavors

Eclipse™ Bar (87% Cacao)
New Moon™ Bar (74% Cacao)
Dark Bar (59% Cacao)
Milk Bar (37% Cacao)
Prima Materia™ Bar (100% Cacao)
Superfruit Bar (74% Cacao)
Xocolatl Bar (74% Cacao)
Conacado Bar (73% Cacao)
Beaucoup Berries™ Bar (72% Cacao)
Lemon Ginger Bar (68% Cacao)
Nibs Bar (68% Cacao)
Seeds Bar (68% Cacao)
Mint Bar (59% Cacao)
Roseberry® Bar (59% Cacao)
Chai Bar (37% Cacao)
Hazelnut Bar (37% Cacao)

Only available for the brave and adventuresome –
No faint of heart allowed.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my, very tempting indeed….too bad, or maybe good, that we don’t have a specialty store in town. I’ll just have to enjoy them from afar.


  2. Nothing wrong with some delicious chocolate! Curious if I could find it in my small town neck of the woods though. Probably not.


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