Bits of This n’ That

I hate leaving things undone, unanswered, unfinished, unclear. So in that vein, here are bits and pieces I want to get off my list.

MY COMPUTER: Sad to say it is a ticking timebomb. A beautiful computer, originally built by Andy from former parts of different computers. It has a new case, a gorgeous cream with lavender accents and Swarovski crystals (seriously). But the best case in the world won’t help if the guts are wearing out. So a plan is in the works. New parts ordered. Now I wait until they arrive in the mail and I will go up to Canada with my poor old CPU and get a brand new innards. Wish I could do the same for my old body!

MY BACKYARD: Last Fall I didn’t get the yard winterized so it was left on its own to fade away. Drives me nuts because the Spring requires a big clean-up just as the plants are beginning to send up shoots. Then we have to clean around the new growth. Thankfully Zack and Phillip are on the job, an hour a day after school on Tuesday and Thursday. We will carry on until we are caught up and ready for planting. Once the yard is looking better I will post the “AFTER” pix.

SPRING: We are having a very early Spring this year and it is glorious. The trees are bursting forth with their beautiful buds of pink and white and my rhodies have big fat buds on them. With very little snow and rain this winter I wonder what we will face come the Summer.

EASTER: I’ve been thinking of some cute ideas for little gifts for my grandgirls as Easter approaches. I am hoping that I can find a ride from Olympia to General Conference so that I could see them in person and share the holiday with their family. So far no bites. I live in hope.

MY GRANDSON KAITO:Kaito (14) (Robert) recently got Second Place in a tri-county high school math tournament and was the only one not using a calculator! There were 20 schools competing at the event held at the University of California-Santa Barbara. Now he goes on to the State finals. I think he will take his calculator to the finals! Not such a great picture of him, but the latest showing how much he has grown. What a whizz he is!

MY GRANDSON AUSTIN LEE: I picked Austin (15) up at the train station yesterday coming down from North Vancouver, British Columbia. He is in Olympia to visit, during Spring Break from his school, with his Dad. He just had FOUR wisdom teeth pulled last week, all in one day and is on the mend from that ordeal. He was very brave through it all and is being super careful while in the healing process. He is looking forward to his baseball event in California later this month, nevermind that the season will soon be in full swing. I love hanging out with him!

MY GRANDSON AUSTIN O: Austin O (14) is going along fine in HS. I have no particular news about him, but I wanted to post this nice picture of him along with the other boy cousins. I can’t wait to see him when I go to Logan next.

Have I forgotten anything?


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