Zack and Phillip

Oh my, I am crazy over Zack and Phillip!

Here are two young men who came into this world with a huge disadvantage but have conquered all. They are twins and even though they will be turning nineteen on their birthday this year, they look much younger! A good problem to have, especially at my age!

Both were not expected to live at birth. They came prematurely and the doctor warned their parents that they would likely not be a 100% physically or mentally. Zach weighed in at 3# 8oz and Phillip weighed 3# 9oz. They had many worrisome medical conditions that required extended hospitalization long after their frightened Mother came home from the hospital without them. Phillip was worse off than Zack, but they both rallied and came home safely to their happy (and relieved) family.

Happily, the doctor was wrong on all counts. Yes, they are small in stature, but their brains are superior and their overall health is just fine.

And talk about a “can-do attitude” –
Holy smokes I should be as confident.

But, the main reason I adore these young men is that they love the human family with all their hearts. Bigger and better than most people! They know how lucky they are to be alive. They know that their start was hard, but they are/were so loved by their parents that they were willed to live and lived to prosper. They were determined from the get-go. Imagine their young determination to survive and amazing strength of character!

Tomorrow they are coming over to do a little work around the house and yard for me. They are saving bigtime for their university studies. I just love it when the two of them come over. They are the funniest to be around. They laugh outloud and often. They are the best companionable brothers. They do any silly thing I ask with a smile and a zest for life, no matter what the job is – easy or gross. They bring their own gloves and water bottles and get right to work. They have great ideas and make thoughtful suggestions to me in the kindest way.

It’s true, I am wild about Zack and Phillip.
Any Mother would be!


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