Warning: Don’t Be Fooled

GREAT WOLF LODGE: Since this beautiful new family facility was built last year, about 30 miles south of Olympia, I have wanted to go and check it out. It’s like going to a big old hunting lodge in Montana, or somewhere woodsy and remote like that. Wednesday was a beautiful day and I drove happily down the road to see what I could see. What a gorgeous setting, with plenty of fun family things to do.

Inside was a huge water wonderland and games and stores and restaurants and you name it, it was there. Outside was beautifully landscaped with interesting views from every angle. All done up in that rustic, wannabe in the country, sorta feeling. Simply amazing, but oh, soooo pricey. (It is always amazing to me how families can afford it all.) Certainly a first class facility, crowded with happy children and families enjoying themselves.

And therein ends the happy part of my story!

I hate man’s inhumanity to man more than
I can ever say. Now, even more in these hard
economic times, people are grasping at straws
for a lifeline to survival. Countless vulnerable
people are falling prey to these human vultures.
Folks are forking out cash for empty promises.
All too sad!

INTERNET MARKETING CONFERENCE: This conference is the reason that I finally got down to Great Wolf Lodge. I received an invitation to attend this seminar and I was interested, so thought I could to kill two birds with one stone. I was not exactly sure what to expect, but felt like if I learned only one thing it would be a fun outing. And anyway they offered a free lunch!

I knew within 10 minutes that it was a carrot danging in front of the rabbits. But the truth be told, I was fascinated by the whole operation. There were about 150 people in attendance from a diverse economic spectrum. It was put on by a group from Orem, Utah. They were kind, but polished. They were smooth and powerful closers. They wanted to “help you” but mostly themselves.

Once the presentation begain, the first question asked was for a show of hands of anyone who had a website and was currently doing business online. Imagine my surprise when only six of us raise our hands. About 25% of the people had an “idea” and wanted to get started on the internet but didn’t quite know how. The remainder knew very little about all this internet stuff, and wanted to learn more. Bless them all.

Imagine how shocked I was at the end of the 90 minutes when about 85% of the poor unsuspecting people walked up and slapped down their money for the “follow-up” information that would be given in Tacoma on March 19th, at the next session. Who knows what “session” would follow after that.

The company is called “StoresOnline, Inc.” (but is also doing business under several other names). They are a marketing company who offer customers a website, hosting, shopping cart, names of dropshippers, 24/7 customer service and a bright internet commerce future. I was transfixed by the whole operation. I watched the well-oiled machine work. It was slicker than snot.

Of course, I immediately came home and checked out all the feedback for this company on the internet and found plenty.

Dissatisfied Customers!
Class Action Law Suits!
Lawsuits in Wisconsin!
Lawsuits in Connecticut!
Lawsuits in Florida!
A Mom and Pop Operation!
Consumer Reviews!

Complaints to Better Business Bureau!
Media Warnings!

Need I go on? The list gets longer.

I enjoyed my Free Lunch &
the beautiful drive down to
Great Wolf Lodge. Total $
spent was the cost of my gas.
Not all bad.


One response to this post.

  1. WOW! Appreciated this blog. And, you are so right about greed and taking advantage of the underdog. I feel that same way.

    Seeing the list of complaints against the company was very stunning. How can they continue to do business? I’m glad there was at least some redeeming features in the day; free lunch, beautiful scenery.


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