Vote Dan O for UBC VP External

“UBC Engineers kick serious butt, and it’s the job of the VP External to make sure industry, alumni, other engineering schools, and the rest of UBC knows it. I’ve cherished my many opportunities to interact with these groups and represent UBC in a positive manner.”

“Over the past year, I have worked closely with the VP External and Coordinating Managers to help plan and run the UBC Engineering Competition, Engineer Your Career Fair, and other EUS events. I have also enjoyed representing the UBC Engineers to other engineering schools in Canada through WESST and the Western Engineering Competition.”

“I look forward to continuing the great work of the current VP External by promoting a positive image of UBC Engineers and using my experience to gain any advantage possible for my fellow students as they receive their education, seek employment, and eventually transition into careers as successful professionals around the World.”

!! Go Dan O for UBC VP External !!

Yep, that’s my awesome son Dan! The rally is on for March 18th, so I’ll let you know if Dan prevails in his quest for Vice-President of External. He is an ideal candidate to assist in bringing recognition and opportunities to aid the futures of the engineering students at the University of British Columbia.

From your proud Mom!


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  1. Well, he certainly has my vote!


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