Merci beaucoup à vous tous!*

Special love & thanx to Dan and Lisa
for my super fun Happy Birthday activities.

Loves and hugs to everyone who sent wishes through
phone calls, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter.
It was super to hear from all of you!

And for the surprise gift/s I received in the mail
from my friend Loni xo, my brother, Bob xo and of
course my boys. Another bigtime thrill! Wowsers!

You all showered me with your wonderful love and
I am sending it back double to you in return.

Des nouvelles de Curling sont maintenant finies!*

(* The French-Canadians cannot complain about me not having enough “French content” in my blogs. I’ve done my part!)


One response to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I love your French. I wish I had paid better attention in college to my French lessons, so I would know what you are saying – er, I mean, writing.

    But, so glad you were able to have such an incredible and memorable time.


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