Partie trois ~ Women’s Curling

There were eight teams competing that Wednesday. All were vying for placement further down the line. There were a lot of countries with Women’s Curling teams, so it will go on daily for a while yet. The finals are on the 26th. Once the semi-finals begin I am hoping I can catch some of it on our USA stations, but so far I have seen very little coverage.

Meanwhile, back to my day at the venue. Teams playing against each other were:

China vs Great Britain
Germany vs USA
Switzerland vs Sweden
Japan vs Canada

The women’s team trials are all underway. There are 10 “Ends” to each match, so there was lotza action to see the whole time. Most games were total nail biters, so it was fun to anticipate the correct strategies for each team. There is none better at sorting out the best moves than my Dan. He called it throughout the whole event which made for super extra excitement!

USA’s Team.

Canada’s Team

Here is a super video that Dan made with my camera. It is showing a particularly tense move by Canada playing against Japan. It is a really good sequence and shows a lot of the game play. Click the link below the screen.

Japan’s Team

Here is the Switzerland (red) vs Sweden (yellow) Game

Final Scores

Une plus d’entrée à aller . . .


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