Partie une ~ Women’s Curling

You can see me there below with layers and layers of clothes on as I was soooo cold.

Dan gave me a pair of these darling warm and snuggly mitts for Valentine’s Day!

These cuties are the official mittens of the 2010 Olympics and are just about impossible to find anywhere for a reasonable price. None to be found anywhere in the lower mainland. People are out looking long and hard. The Hudson’s Bay Company had a rapid fire winner when they made these beauties.

Sellers on eBay are having a field day listing them. They are going fast and for big buck$ too!)

Plus, you can see that I’m wearing a warm fuzzy hat, that Kathy lent me, and that wise and thoughtful Loose Family bought me the uber warm Turtlefur neck warmer. Anyway, I would have been frozen solid without all of them. Thanks a million!

Dan is shown here sitting in the stands with a strange, bundled up, eskimo woman.

Plus à venir . . .


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my heck, I think those mittens are so adorable! When I first started seeing those, I actually looked them up online to see if I could get a pair. And, you look like you are having such fun. I can’t even imagine actually being at an Olympic event. Oh, so awesome. BTW, I don’t know anything about curling and didn’t see it in the tv line-up. Did the US have a curling team? I’m so glad for you, Lauralee. You deserve this.


  2. I just saw the answer to my own question…yes US did have a team; they won the Russians. Were you there for that game?


  3. So Fun!!! I would love to see the Olympics in person.


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