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I always rent my movies at Safeway. The cost is really low for just-released movies. It’s only $7.99 for three movies and you get to keep them for three days. They have to be back by midnight on the date due, so depending on how early you rent them in the day, it can work out to nearly four days. Call me cheap, but I try to find the best deals, no matter what the product.

So when my three rental movies were due, back in mid-December, I got off the couch at 11:35pm, got in the car and took them back to Safeway to drop them off before the quickly approaching bewitching hour. (I got my money’s worth!) Since there was no one at customer service, I asked a checkout clerk what I should do to make sure they were counted as “returned on time?” She said I would be fine to just put the movies in the usual return slot. I did.

Fast forward two months. Last weekend, I rented three more videos. When I went to check them out, the girl told me I had returned the December videos late and had to pay the late fees before I could check any others out. WHAT?!?

Now, a whole lot of people would not even care about it, late happens, and they just pay for their mistakes, right or wrong. BUT in this case I was not late!

Since there was no manager on duty, I just paid for the current videos, plus the “apparent” late fees. The sweet young clerk had no authority to handle any dealings with this crazed old lady, so I left my name and telephone number for the “Video Manager” to give me a call to discuss the matter. Not a whole lot of money, but seeking justice is just the way I am. (What would happen if I ever got a ‘real’ problem?)

She called this morning and left this message on my phone, “We are so sorry for any misunderstanding and have left a ‘Gift Card’ for you at the Customer Service Desk.”

I’ll pick it up when I’m next in the store.
Thank you very much.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m smiling ear to ear. way to go, Lauralee! Stand up for what is right! So, what movies did you rent this time?


  2. Way to go sister!! I am the same way.


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