Bitten by the Sewing Bug

I’ve been doing all kinds of fun projects with my sewing machine lately. Now that eBay has changed so many aspects of their original auction site, I don’t do as much with my book selling as I used to do. Enter my sewing machine. I have more time now to do something else I really enjoy, that has been neglected for far too long.

The first were the crayon bags for my grandgirls, then another super fun project has been started for next Christmas as well. Of course, when I can post the pictures of my efforts I will, but most of the time it will be well after the items have been received as gifts. Sure don’t want to spoil any surprises.

So many things have changed since the “old days” of sewing that I needed a little tutorial to help me understand the popular terms used now, especially in the quilting department. There are so many great gadgets, methods and materials which all make sewing very different from what I was used to in the past. Some of the projects are so clever.

First I bought an 18″x24″ self-healing cutting board, ruler/templates and a rotary cutter and blades. None of which I had ever been familiar with since I was last sewing . . . in the 1980’s. That makes it nearly 30 years since I sat down to do some serious sewing, and a whole lot has changed. Tramping through Asia and Europe all those years didn’t lend well to this hobby. But I’m back at it with great fervour.

Also I found this site, Moda Bake Shop, that had a super tutorial on the different kinds of pre-cut cuts and bundles for fabrics that I thought would be great to share them with you. Likely you already know what each term means, but just in case, here goes. (Indulge me, I know I’m way behind the times!)

FAT QUARTERS: Contains one of each print in a collection. Each fat quarter is 18” x 22”.

CHARM PACKS: Contains 42 squares. Each Charm square is 5” x 5”.

DESSERT ROLLS: Contains 10 strips that are 5” x 45”.

HONEY BUNS: Contains 40 strips. Each strip is 1-½ ” x 45”.

JELLY ROLLS: Contains 40 strips. Each strip is 2-½ ” x 45”.

LAYER CAKES: Contains 42 squares. Each Layer Cake square is 10” x 10”.

TURNOVERS: Contains 80 – 6” triangle (two of each print in a collection).

SCRAPS BAGS: Contains 8-10 ounces of scraps from one collection. Approx. 24-32 assorted strips. Each piece is 36” long by assorted widths.

They have a whole lot of projects, which they call RECIPES, using their precuts. Their fabric seems very pricey to me, but what do I know? However, some of the projects look great. If you are looking for some new ideas, check them out.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Lauralee, you are one organized person. Christmas?!?!

    But, I do think this is wise, and that maybe you should mail your sister’s Christmas packageto Sweden next month. Maybe that way she will get it in time for the big holiday. HA! (As we all know from an earlier post, however, it all worked out for the best.)

    So, happy sewing.


  2. My local quilt shop that carries the name brand fabrics like Moda, Robert Kaufman, Amy Butler and so forth, has all of their fabrics priced at $8.50-$10.50 a yard. Pretty pricey. Not always in my budget either, so I usually try and get some of the expensive stuff only for special projects, or only half of the yardage I might need for sometihng and then I will fill in the rest of the yardage with fabric with the less expensive stuff from Wal-Mart of JoAnn’s. It sure is fun though, and there are so many incredible prints and such to choose from. Here’s wishing you lots of fun with all of your sewing too, enjoy!


  3. Oh Aunite I just LOVE the Moda precut fabrics. I just finished a toddler quilt top from a charm pack and white jelly roll strips…. so easy!! Aren’t they just the greatest?


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