Today I’m . . .

In no particular order!

* Starting to pack for my trip.
* Catching up on e-mails.
* Helping Kathy with her resume.
* Changing my bed.
* Vacuuming my apartment.
* Finding the ice cube trays for Andy.
* Rearranging my hall closet.
* Cutting out a cute sewing project.
* Organizing my thread.
* Filling lotza bobbins.
* Wrapping Valentine’s presents.
* Getting Valentine’s cards ready to mail.

* Going to the bank.
* Taking back the videos.
* Taking books back to the library.
* Buying celery and romaine lettuce.
* Taking a load of stuff to the storage.
* Buying packing peanuts.
* Filling the car with gas.
* Getting the car washed.
* Going to the Post Office.

I wonder how much I’ll get done?


2 responses to this post.

  1. My goodness, you are a busy, busy person. But, what in the heck is this? Finding the ice cube trays for Andy? What is that? Should we all be doing that? You must be getting so excited about your trip to the Olympics….I am happy and excited for you!


  2. I know it sounds weird, however, the instructions to my boys are to never buy anything for their kitchen without asking Mom first. I can supply five homes with every implement or gadget possible to outfit their cooking needs. So Andy asked me to bring up ice cube trays when I go on Friday. I am down to my last dozen +/- sets, so I’ll pick out some nice ones and take them up to him. I know they are in a box somewhere in the storage. I have 3 more days to find them!


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