It Was A Dream Day

Oh how I love days like yesterday!

It was one of those maniacal days where you begin with a list of “pick-ups” and “drop-offs” as long as your arm. All the piddly things that you keep meaning to do, but just never seem to have the time or the inclination to get them crossed off your list. You know how much time is saved if you don’t have to find a parking place and shut off and lock the car, then walk into the venue? In, out, repeat. To be able to jump out at the door, do the errand, and jump back into the car without all the other fussing is so glorious. Nevermind that “the driver” is then on the way to the next stop.

Well, Thursday I/we did it all.
Down to the finest detail.
Simply amazing!

Kathy driving. For both our errands from 11am-3pm
and then the switch off . . .
Bill driving. More Kathy and I errands from 3pm-5pm

Holy smokes, we got so much done in the most efficient manner. Huge numbers of appointments, chores and errands were crossed off our lists. And then we topped off our successes with an early dinner out, to celebrate Bill’s birthday, which was on February 3rd. What a companionable friendship we have!

Now that gives us the rest of the month to do our fun, nonsensical things – just whatever we want – because the “must-dos” have been crossed off the list for another month! It felt so good to come home last night and just chill knowing that we had both grabbed the golden ring and hung on all day. Whew!

Best of all, any new list started after today is really, really short.
So far anyway.


One response to this post.

  1. Holy Cow! Sounds like quite a day…from 11to5…

    But, I know just what you mean about ‘those kinds of days’ and running errands. So, today, just relax and ENjoy!


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