“Delivered Abroad, February 01, 2010, 3:36 pm, SWEDEN”
After 46 days and 4 country stops the package has finally arrived at its destination today. I got this news from the USPS website. I’ll be anxious to hear if the goods brought cheer on the other end. I can’t imagine otherwise.

My application forms are finished, orderly and in the envelope ready to mail today. It was a huge job and took me the better part of three days to gather, assemble and organize them. Now I wait to see if they suit the powers that determine my eligibility for the Canada Old Age Security Pension. Stand by for the finale.

I talked to my son Dave this weekend to see how he was settling into his new job. So far, so good. He is especially thrilled about the shorter commute, now only 40 minutes compared to 1-1/2 hours – EACH WAY. If you are a Facebook and Twitter fan, then be sure and check out HootSuite as it puts everything in one easy to read page. And there are even more features to check out!

What a super fun time we all had with The Cornwall’s at their lovely home last Sunday afternoon. The company, the food and the media slide show were all a pure pleasure. Yes, my cake turned out great and was enjoyed by all.

They turned out sooo cute. The design was a combination of many of those cases I showed on the blog. I made them small enough for little hands and packed them full of fun. They each have a tablet, a deck of cards (Old Maid or Fish), the crayons and chalk, PLUS I made a little fabric Tic-Tac-Toe game for each of them. More on these later. I don’t want to post the pictures until closer to Valentine’s Day because my GrandGirls check my blog everyday and I don’t want to spoil their suprise.

I’ve been through the 12 step program and I am cured. ALL the boxes are gone from my workroom. Many were collapsed and recycled and the remainder are neatly sized and stacked on my back patio porch. I feel so free of the mess. Singing praises over this event.

I posted this blog shortly after I came back from Christmas in Canada. My train ticket was bought on that day. Thank goodness. Now you can’t buy a train ticket to the Olympics to save your life. The train is soooo solidly booked that people are screaming at the lack of transportation made available for the Olympics. And then with no snow, well we’ll see how it goes. Watch for me when you are viewing the Winter Games on TV. I’m the one escorted by two handsome men!

Just giving a shout-out to Carolyn Nicholayson and her untiring work with Emergency Preparedness. She has a new article on her blog that begs to be read. No matter what your politics are, the facts don’t lie. “For now we need to continue our preparations so we can protect our family from the challenges we may face in the future.” Hope you find some good motivation to help with your preparation.


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  1. Oh, I loved all this newsy blog. SO happy your package arrived; glad you have your train tickets, etc., etc. But, I loved the potpourri of information.


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