The 2010 Bloggies!


“Ten years ago, bloggers were joining webrings, ranting about the A-list blogs, and journaling about little girls on bikes. The Bloggies were born then and have been grown ever since, becoming the Web’s most established blog awards ceremony. This is the 2010 Weblog Awards, where the Web will award the first Bloggies of the new decade.”

If you would like to see the greatest blogs,
according to the nominations for this year’s Weblog Awards

You can vote for your favorites too!

The categories for the BEST OF BLOG nominations are:
Best Web Application for Weblogs * Best Australian ~ New Zealand ~ Asian ~ African ~ European ~ Latin American ~ Canadian * Best Photography * Best Art, Craft or Design * Best Food * Best Fashion * Best Travel * Best Music * Best Gossip * Best Entertainment * Best Sports * Best Politics * Best Topical * Best Teen * Best Humerous * Best Writing * Best Group * Best Community * Best Designed * Best Kept Secret * Best New

Many of these blogs will be new to you.
Some might add an enhanced perspective to your life.
Many will provide new information, ideas and thoughts to ponder.
A few might be your old friends. You may question some.
You may be offended. But get ready to see a bigger picture.
Inspiration may spring forth!


One response to this post.

  1. amazed…that’s how I describe the variety of blogs out there. who has time to peruse them all? I had heard of Pioneer woman and that’s it; oh, and the huffington post. But, it was fun to glance at some of them. you are always front and center in what is going on in the world. that’s one reason i enjoy your blog.


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