Do You HootSuite?

HootSuite was created by Invoke Media in November of 2008 as a Twitter solution for its social media department and quickly evolved to provide brand monitoring, file-sharing, and social network integration. After only one year on the market, HootSuite has built a reputation as an essential tool for new marketers and consumers. Our more than 300,000 users include, Disney, Time, Martha Stewart Media and SXSW.

PRESS RELEASE: January 20, 2010

Dave Olson* joins HootSuite as Community Director
Posted by: Rob Lewis – TechVibes Global

“One week after announcing that they raised $1.9 Million from VCs and Angels, HootSuite is putting that money to work and have hired Dave Olson as their new Community Director.

Olson will be responsible for overseeing marketing, outreach, and support for HootSute and already has a number of educational and aspirational campaigns planned to evangelize the social media dashboard to content makers.

Olson was an early user of the initial Bright Kit tool and has actively used HootSuite for promoting his own projects – so this appears to be a perfect fit on both sides.

Up in until very recently, Olson was with Vancouver startup MovieSet – he wrapped up his duties there just last night after presenting a white paper called Social Promotion for Movies to the Canadian Film and TV Producers BC branch.

Olson made some noteworthy improvements at MovieSet during his time there and will no doubt continue overachieving in 2010 with HootSuite.”

* Yes, that Dave Olson!
My amazing son!

UPDATE: First post from Dave in his new capacity.

~ Applause to Kris Krug for this outstanding photograph of Dave!
See more of KK’s photography HERE.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Lauralee, this is awesome. And, no I don’t HootSuite; sorry to admit it, but I’d never actuallye even heard of it. But, it sounds like a fantastic fit for your son. And, you are right; great picture.


  2. Thanks Mom, really excited about this new gig!


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