Cheese Please!

During my Christmas visit in Canada, with my family and friends, among other things, we played lotza games. There was Wii Golf, The Adventures of TinTin, Outburst, Rummikub, and others.

The best and most fun, by far, (at least for my family) was the one we played on Christmas Eve. It was the game that Dan brought to share, Digital Choice Trivial Pursuit.

We divided everyone up into teams of two, except for Dan. That rule was made just to give the rest of us an advantage as Dan is the total trivia WhizKid and wins mostly all the time. He can hold his own with the best of them, so we wanted to make sure we had at least some kind of chance to win. Therefore, Dan stood as a lone team!

And lest you think that it was some kind of ordinary game, I say NO WAY, not even close. We had PRIZES! For every correct Trivial Pursuit wedge earned, your team won one block, loaf or package of the CHEESE! of your choice. Yes, I said cheese, if you please!

Many food staples, such as dairy products, are very expensive in Canada, so whenever I go up for a visit, I always ask what everyone wants me to bring from the USA. The list of items I am asked to bring usually include, in order of importance, cheese, eggs, bacon, butter and Haggan’s cottage cheese. This time was no exception, however as it was Christmas, and because I can’t stop or restrain myself, I brought about 40 different kinds of cheese! Most packages are shown here, although by the time I thought to take the picture some had been claimed . . . or devourered completely.

After investigating the cheese array, we began our game. The onslaught that ensued was a screaming riot of fun. Everyone had secretly sorted out their personal cheese choices so when someone else got “their pick” it was with great sadness. Further, there was bartering for cheese and scheming to obtain cheese and strategies to downplay favorite choices in favor of their ultimate pick. Can you imagine how hilarious it got? While we were playing, Bob from California and James from Utah, called and said how they would have liked to have been there to join in the fun. We wished that too!

Here is a picture of our Christmas Eve buffet table that Lisa prepared for everyone to enjoy. Lotza snacks and yummy treats to satisfy all tastes, for both friends and family alike.

A super holly, jolly, fun time was had by all!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I gained ten pounds just reading this. It sounds like such a truly fun event. I love the idea of cheese as prizes. But, isn’t cheese expensive in the USA also? Anyway, what fun.


  2. Lisa rock’s there is no doubt, and her food spread just cements that fact. Wow! Looks deelish! And I had no idea about the cheese, so funny. Sounds like you had the best time though.


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