Daylight Becomes Me!

During the bleak winter months my ground floor apartment is really dark. Credit the rainy Pacific Northwest climate and shorter days, plus add in the location of my apartment on the northeast side of the complex, so all together it equals a lesser amount of light streaming into my home during the day.

Our maintenance man was by my place a couple of days ago and remarked at how dark and cave-like my apartment was and did I want him to fix that. Of course I do!

Handyman Mark arrived this afternoon and installed all new lighting in my kitchen, laundry room and master bedroom. He switched out all the soft white florescent bulbs with daylight bulbs and the difference was instant and totally amazing. I only wish that I could have thought of taking pictures of the “before” so you could see the outstanding difference. What a super happy day for my old eyes.

Anyway, here is the new and improved above the sink shot and the kitchen ceiling, yet it’s kinda hard to tell from these dopey pictures, but it will give you an idea. Use your imagination to see me going from a dullish yellow cast to crisp blue-white quality. I love it so much!

So, today when I’m out on my errands, I am going to look for a new dining room fixture and also a new overhead setup for my office, plus new replacement daylight light bulbs for the lamps throughout my apartment. (I wonder why it took me this long, I’ve only lived here five years!)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to even brighter days ahead . . .

(“I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille.”)


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  1. Yes, here’s to brighter days ahead. In more ways than one.


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