Help Me, Please!

My name is Lauralee and I’m a “Box-A-Holic.”

Not your ordinary Bag Lady, but an extraordinary Box Lady!
I have an obsession with cardboard boxes! And not just
any old boxes, but empty, clean, sturdy, multi-sized boxes.
And extra points if they have bubble wrap or packing peanuts
already inside. All my friends collect boxes for me and just
leave them at my front door. My heart sings when I come
home and see them waiting for me. Sounds crazy, I know.

Just about any kind of box will do. I can find a use for them.
Boxes that can be put inside each other for extra protection.
Special boxes that will fit odd items from my eBay sales and many
other purposes. Finding that “perfect” box for each item –
Such a satisfying conquest.

I have empty boxes in the office, in the dining room, in the
backyard, in the storage shed – and that’s all I’m going to admit.
You can see by the size of my smallish pictures that I am
embarrassed about my “box hoarding.” Honestly, the rest
of my house is lovely and organized and really pretty, but
all these boxes . . . well, you get the picture.

In a month of Sundays I could never use all the boxes I have
collected. But, hey, they are FREE boxes. (My favorite price!)
And you can never tell when I might need one, for whatever
purpose. The last time I culled my overload of boxes, I
collapsed them and still filled an entire recycle bin.
Now they have multiplied and are back to haunt me.

I need to join BFA. (Box Fetish Anonymous) today.
I’m going to look up the Help Line number right now.

Stand by while I purge!


One response to this post.

  1. But, you can’t really get rid of them…because you might NEED it…..someday! Lauralee, this is so funny because I also collect boxes; certainly not to the extent you do because you need it for your business. I collect them to mail packages to the grandkids because, as you say, they are FREE. At any rate, good luck on your purging, if you really do go ahead and do it.


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