Happy 62nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Bob
With Much Love & Best Wishes
From Your Oldest Sister
January 8th, 2010

1912 ~ Jose Vincente Ferrer, Actor
1923 ~ Larry Storch, Actor
1926 ~ Milton Supman Heinz, Comic/Actor, aka Soupy Sales
1933 ~ Charles Osgood, Newscaster
1935 ~ Elvis Aaron Presley, Musician/Actor
1937 ~ Shirley Bassey, Musical Artist
1942 ~ Stephen W. Hawking, Scientist
1943 ~ Marcus Hutson, Musical Artist
1946 ~ Robby Krieger, Musical Artist
1947 ~ David Robert Jones, Singer/Performer, aka David Bowie
1947 ~ Terry Sylvester, Musical Artist
1948 ~ Dr. Robert L. B. Stevenson
USAF Lt.Col, Retired, USAF Pilot, Audiologist, Son, Father,
GrandPappy & All-Around Great Brother!

1955 ~ Mike Reno, Musical Artist
1969 ~ Ami Bluebell Dolenz, Actress
1969 ~ Robert Sylvester Kelly, Musical Artist, aka R. Kelly
1979 ~ Sarah Polley, Actress

Many Happy Returns Pappy!


One response to this post.

  1. Well, aren’t brothers just the best?!??!?


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