Midsomer Murders

I love British murder mysteries! But then you likely already know that. Being the Agatha Christie freak that I am, I am not limited to AC alone. I love most British movies, except Dr. Who and those slapstick comedies. Watching mystery DVDs is my big reward for good work accomplished during the day.

My personal philosophy of “Work First, Play Second” is my second skin. I must earn my prize! Although it may sound like a juvenile approach to some, it has been my motto and motivator for absolute years. Just ask my boys!

At first this Midsomer Murders series was unfamiliar to me, although highly popular at our library. The series was inspired by stories written by Caroline Graham. Once discovered, it has taken me over three years for my number to come up at the library before the DVDs were mine to enjoy. I am on Set 2 and sooo hooked. I am working harder and faster than ever! The stories are that great.

There are 14 Sets of movies so far, with each containing from 3-5 one hour movies per set. I have listed all movie titles up to Set 13 in case you want to watch them in order. (Set 14 has yet to be released to the public.) It is my experience that although they are single episodes, they do play off information learned in prior stories, which enhances my interest and brings out the super-sleuth in me.

If British mysteries are your cup of tea, have a go at these!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Holy Cow, thanks for this HOT TIP! I, too, love British stories, so this is exciting to learn about this series. I’ll check our library right away to see if we carry it here.

    Also, love the pix you posted of you.


  2. Just put my name of the waiting list; I’m number one; can’t wait.


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