It’s Boxing Day!


What is it really?

It’s the day after Christmas where:

* Retail stores prep for gigantic after Christmas sales.
* People realize they ate their body weight in food the day before.
* We begin deciding which presents we can return to the store for ca$h.
* The earth has seized up with more credit card debt.
* Friends and family eat up the leftovers in the form of soup.
* You foolishly believe the extra day off work will aid your recuperation.
* The kids have their first chance to use those new hockey/figure skates.
* We long for lots and lots and lots of sleep!

Relish your Boxing Day . . .
Monday will be here soon enough!


One response to this post.

  1. Love the list; I think you covered it all. Hope you are still enjoying your time in Canada. Especially Boxing Day.


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