Drives Me So Nuts

Yesterday morning I went to the Post Office in
Tumwater to mail a big load of packages.
The line-up was back to Baltimore, so I
was glad when my turn finally came.

For one particular package, with books,
the clerk told me the following:

$ 8.10 Priority Mail (2 days)
$ 8.18 Parcel Post Mail (7 days)
$ 3.16 Media Mail (7 days)

I had written Media Mail in red letters on the box.
The clerk again asked me if I wanted to send it by Media Mail.
I said “Yes, please.”

Once the packages had been stamped and the shipping
all paid, I heaved a sigh of relief and got back in the
car and was on the way to my next errand. When I was
home and peacefully sitting down to review the receipt
for all my Post Office shipments, I discovered the clerk
had sent that box by:

PARCEL POST for $8.18!

Had we not had the shipping discussion, had I not written
Media Mail on the box, had I not told him it was books
inside, I would have considered the whole mess
My Own Stupid Fault!

Alas, my real error was not paying better attention!
A lesson that cost me $ 5.02.
Oh how I hate to lose money needlessly!

A high price to pay for the mule train to Saint George!


One response to this post.

  1. Terribly frustrating….on the news last night, it was told how the post office is so deeply in the red. With helpers like this guy, there could be a turn-around. I’m sorry, Lauralee.


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