Bundt Bonanza


3 responses to this post.

  1. You are not kidding, bundt bonanza….makes me wish I still had my bundt cake!

    BTW, I made the pretzel/kiss goodies. Sunday, the hometeachers said they were coming right after church…no time to bake a goodie. I had just purchased all the supplies, so I was able to rush home and make the little darlings. Fast, tasty, and cute. So,thanks for that tip.

    But, I won’t be whipping up all the above bundt cakes!


  2. I only have one basic bundt cake pan, but there are so many really cool looking pans out there I would love to buy. Those pics are sure fun, so many different looks!


  3. I made a really good bundt a while back and it was really good and I got a cool picture of it but somehow I deleted it.


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