I attended Ricks College in 1963 & 1964. There were four of us “roomies” during that fun time, all living together, at first downtown Rexburg and then moving into the brand new on-campus dorms in Room “Lucky 13.” One of our roommates, Sharon (nee Ferguson) is married to James R. Wright, the author of this newly published book chronicling his career in the FBI.

How thrilled I was to receive a postcard yesterday announcing the publication of this adventuresome book and thought you might like to have a look as well. Just wonderful for the world to learn more about these newsworthy events, especially from an FBI agent’s insider view!

FBI ~ Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
An Autobiography
by James R. Wright

“As the self-proclaimed Huckleberry Finn of Woodbury, New Jersey, who would have guessed that James Wright’s life would take him through sports, college, and into the FBI. He spent a carefree childhood roaming the rivers and woods of Woodbury with his dog, Golly. Those rivers, lakes and woods were his Mississippi River. His love for sports led him into another world.”

“What a great day it was – a boy and his dad going to a baseball game together. Next came his wrestling days during high school and college. All of these experiences gave him the self-discipline that he would need later in life. He thought that teaching and coaching would be his life’s work, but quite unexpectedly, he ended up in the FBI.”

“He was privileged to work some of the Bureau’s highest profile cases.”

Here are a few of those cases:
The Patty Hearst kidnapping
Jim Jones and the People’s Temple mass suicide
The Unabomber
The Chowchilla kidnapping of twenty-six children
The Montana Freeman case
Extortion and Espionage cases
Numerous bank robberies, Illegal drug activity, Terrorism
Riots, Organized crime, and many more.

James has “had a great life with many wonderful memories, but the icing on the cake was his induction into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an Outstanding American. He is proud to be an American and this is his story!”

“James Wright retired as a special agent with the FBI in January of 1997. Since retiring, he has continued working as a special investigator for the Bureau, but full retirement is just around the corner. He and his wife, Sharon, have a combined family of nine children and twenty-two grandchildren” and live in Springville, Utah.

Available for sale now at:,,
ISBN-10: 1440177627
ISBN-13: 978-1440177620

Jim and Sharon


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Lauralee, thanks for posting this. I plan to also, after I have read the book. I talked to Sharon yesterday. She said that Jim dictated the book into the recorder and she typed every word…very tedious. What a wife, right?

    Looks like an intriguing read.


  2. This book sounds totally fascinating!


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