A Rafter of Turkeys

Do you remember my blog back on November 18th, the one with
the Gobble-Gobble-Gobble turkeys? The such-a-fun project
with Cocoa Krispies and candy corn and pretzels?

Is it coming back to your conscious?
Have you already locked it in your memory?
Just in case not, here’s the link:

The reason I ask concerns the theme of today’s blog.
It involves my absolutely darling friends!
Here they are from our project about this same time last year.
Jenna, Jacob, Tyler & Evan

Well, they recently all took up the Turkey Challenge and made
a whole flock! And even sent me pictures to prove it.

I couldn’t be with them to do the project as I was literally
tied up (with eBay tape & bubblewrap) so they ventured into
unknown territory alone. (No doubt their Mom was there.)
Looks like they did super well without my assistance.

Have a look!

Here’s Jacob cutting out the bodies
and getting everything ready.

The table is all set for the fun to begin.

Jacob sez . . . Let’s get this show on the road!

Here’s TyTy getting right busy.

Then there’s sweet little Evan –
the world’s most huggable kid!

And Tyler again – Hey Ty, I see that pretzel beak!

Here’s Jenna with the whole flock!



One response to this post.

  1. So cute! Both the kids and their turkey gobbler treats!


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