An Admirable Triumph

Tuesday was simply an amazing day!

By that I mean, I got so much done yesterday that I am swooning, filled with total wonder and awe. Can I just tell you that I woke up yesterday overwhelmed with the tasks before me. There were orders and more orders and wrapping and labeling and documenting and every other task that goes along with being an eBay afficionado. My best friend, Kathy, came downstairs to help me get the orders out and together we worked and sweated and toiled and got the job completely done by 6:00pm! We wrapped, labeled and readied nearly 100 pieces . . . in one day! Happily I am now up-to-date . . . until the next onslaught.

Of course, Kathy and I talked. Non-stop. We solved nearly all of life’s problems during our afternoon together. We laugh with such an easy exchange and work so companionably, that it’s a pure joy to have Kathy in my life. We think alike, share the same work ethic, and razz each other when we make a mistake (which rarely happens, ha! ha!).

The greatest element, of any project we undertake together, is that it’s totally devoid of whining, moaning or complaining, on either part! Our mutual reward yesterday, that gave us that particular thrill came from seeing another package ready to go out the door to UPS or USPS and another task completed excellently. Our camaraderie spreads farther than eBay, but perhaps you can sense that. We share back and forth in a wide variety of endeavours, supporting each other’s causes. For this post, however, we are talking about preparing packages to mail.

Today, first thing, we will load the car with our bounty. Bill (Kathy’s husband) will put on his chauffeur’s cap and drive us around while we distribute the boxes and send them on their way to various destinations. Most are going to the USA, however this time we are also shipping to France, the UK, Australia, Spain and Hungary as well. I truly hope these packages will provide Happy Holiday cheer for a lot of households worldwide.

What a glorious, yet overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.
Best of all I got to share it with my Pal.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I LOVE the new look…so fun and so holiday-ish.

    As you say so well, it really is great to have a good friend to share things with. She sounds wonderful. And, I’m glad that you are selling so much. Selling is good. My sister-in-law just quit her used book business on Amazon because she just wasn’t selling books any more. After seven years, she said it wasn’t fun, and there is so much competition. So, good for you.


  2. I am glad you had such a great day. I wish I got that much done in a day and even better to spend it laughing with a Great friend.


  3. So nice that you were able to do that with such a great friend. Congrats on the numerous ebay sales too!


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