MovieSet Review ~ “Four Christmases”

A happily unmarried couple want to avoid spending Christmas
with their families at all costs and instead travel to exotic locales.
But when they find themselves fogged in at the San Francisco
airport and their flight to Fiji cancelled, they have no choice but
to spend the holiday with their divorced parents and the rest of
their dysfunctional relatives. All madness ensues once the
different families get together. Like four holiday house parties!
This film addresses broader themes of how people really know
each other and the importance of connecting with family, no
matter how crazy they might be.

~With This Great Cast~
Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, Tim McGraw
Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Sissy Spacek & Mary Steenbergen

Adult language and themes with some comments about
Santa that may upset young children. Rated PG-13.


PLEASE NOTE: This movie is NOT about
“normal” families — like mine & yours!


One response to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I love the comments you make on my blog. Thanks. As to what is in the glass I will be raising to my brother, it will be Martinelli’s, of course. And, I too, have great fond memories of our time in room 13 from many, many years ago. It scared me when you told me just how long ago it was.

    Here’s a couple of questions for you..have you seen this movie? Did you like it? My favorite is still a Christmas Story with Ralphie and “You’ll shoot your eye out.”


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