Oddz n’ Endz

1. You just can’t fool my Dan.
When I told him that I ran the whole board
in Jeopardy, he responded “You sure better
have Mom – it was the Teen Tournament!”

2. Adding 1 tsp. of cinnamon to your big pot of chili
makes a delicious difference. You don’t recognize
what the taste is, but you know it’s simply wonderful.

3. Waiting until the rainy season starts is no time
to winterize the backyard. Thank goodness for friends
– we’re all going to do it together on Saturday afternoon.
Work First ~ Play Second !

4. There is a certain sense of security knowing
that I have a full cupboard of toilet paper.
I like the wrapped rolls best.

5.When little Hannah (4) was analyzing why
her electric plug-in Snowman and Santa Claus nightlights
were not working, she determined that they must be
out of batteries!

6. Getting all the Christmas parcels wrapped
and safely into the Post Office will be a great relief . . .
nevermind that it will free up so much space in
my apartment. Whew!

7. Even though I know what present
Andy bought me for Christmas, I still don’t
want to open it until Christmas morning.
Never too old for a thrill.

8. The best Organic Milled Golden Flax
is made from the grain of the prairies
in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
They ship any amount to any USA
destination for only $10.00.
Beats all brands. So nutty!

9. Classic Christmas movies never get old.
Bright. Nostalgic. Endearing. Hopeful.

10. “Silver and Fit” is my latest mantra!


One response to this post.

  1. Absolutely loved this post. Thanks for the great tip on cinnamon in the chili. I will definitely give it a try – very soon. And, I’m dying to know, what is your Christmas present?


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