My Old Friends


These are my absolute favorite slippers. In fact, they were called “The Most Comfortable Slippers in America” by Real Simple Magazine in March 2003.



My first choice are the ladies scuffs which feature “extra plush with triple-foam reinforced heel” for super comfort. They come in chestnut, pale pink, rose pink, red, light blue, tan, lavender and black. And perhaps other delicious colors that I just haven’t discovered yet. There are, however, many other styles to choose from in a variety of colors, for men, women and children.


Women’s Size Chart: SMALL (5-6); MEDIUM (6.5-7.5); LARGE (8-9); XLARGE (9.5-10.5); XXLARGE (11-12).

Here’s a commercial from the manufacturer: “Old Friend™ Slippers are made of super-soft, silk-like sheepskin covered with soft-napped, durable suede leather. Sturdy sides and a roomy toe area allow your foot to slip in and out with ease. Rippled premium-quality rubber outer sole with rippled bottom helps resist skids. Wear year-round. In winter, genuine sheepskin insoles provide plush, natural insulation against the cold. In warmer weather the hollow wool fibers also wick moisture away from your skin, actually keeping you cool.”


The Old Friend scuffs normally retail about $40 a pair + shipping, which is all kinda pricey, however if you scout them out on eBay, Amazon and other websites you can find them for a whole lot cheaper. I recently won this brand new pair on eBay for a total (w/ shipping and handling) of $24.69.


So cute and yet so comfy!
What could be better on a cold winter’s night?

P. S. Did I mention they also come in baby sizes? Have a look at these darling little Old Friend slippers that I won on eBay for my sweet grandson, Lee. They will added in the package with his other presents so he can be just like his Grandma in Olympia!



3 responses to this post.

  1. These look so comfy! I love my slippers in winter as my feet never seem to get warm enough.


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE slippers. They are my must have item. They are on daily. Those look so nice and comfy. I might have to get a pair.


  3. Hey mom, here’s an idea if you want a new use for carbs…


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