I’m None Too Bright


It was Christmastime, a couple of years back, when my niece Banna wrote on her blog about an inadvertent misstep with her eBay purchases. It seems that her boys *G* and *L* were totally transfixed with “Thomas, the Blue Train.” Banna wanted to buy a few little bits and pieces of these toys and accessories to add to their collection and excite the boys on Christmas morning.

She placed a large number of bids on eBay, all at low starting prices, thinking that perhaps she would maybe prevail on a couple of them. Turns out she got them all! Great prices, large quantity! Of course the children were thrilled and I know that fact first hand from my visit to Philly that next October. The boys were “Thomas, the Blue Train” nuts.

At the time Banna was overwhelmed with this huge lot of toys and we all laughed at the folly of the multiple bids when a simple act turned out so wrong. Who would have thought. Imagine that. How funny. Etc. (I sure hope I have this story straight.)


My daughter-in-law, Cena, asked me to keep an eye out for a nice snowsuit for my little namesake, Lee, for next winter (not this winter, next winter). She knows I love any assignment, so I jumped right in determined to find the perfect, most wonderful snowsuit at an amazing bargain price.

I took a leaf out of Banna’s book and bid on a large assortment of real nice snowsuits, any one of which I would be happy to send along to that cute little dumpling of a grandson of mine. Well, you likely get where this is going.



+++++ Shipping Costs +++++

However there remains one dilemma.
These are all *12* month size. Cena told me
that little Lee will need *18-24* month size!
Not surprisingly, I got it all botched up.

So I invested all that money into five useless snowsuits, for an overall price I could have paid for a gold-plated snowsuit. Yes, I am donating them all to the Women’s and Children’s Shelter. (The London Fog snowsuit, that I paid $11.11 for, I will relist on eBay.)

My snowsuit search continues . . .
The correct size is taped to my monitor.
Hopefully I will get it right on my next go round!


One response to this post.

  1. This is such a great story! Thankfully, you are not talking HUGE amounts here.

    Our friend bid on 3 very expensive cameras this way – you guessed it…he got all 3.

    And, truthfully, something similar to this happens to all of us, so you’re among friends. And, you are also very generous to donate it to the shelter.


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