Handy! Dandy!


This is my newest favorite gadget. I bought it at Costco recently and have put it to good use in so many ways. In fact just yesterday I hauled two cases of bottled water into the house. Normally I would have hauled them in one at a time with much huffing and puffing and then need to sit down to regain my composure. Or how about those boxes and boxes of books that I bring home from my storage shed and haul inside. But wait, there are also cases of printer paper and of course moving big pots of dirt around in my backyard. Repeat as above. Are you getting the picture?



(Shouted out as only pitchman Billy Mays* could.)

Save your back with the Magna Cart! It’s the handiest and easiest way ever to transport heavy objects around your home, office and even when you travel.

The Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck is engineered with toughness in mind, it’s rugged like a hand truck, but so lightweight it can be used with ease. This compact foldable hand truck, made of sturdy rustproof aluminum, is ideal for trade show exhibitors, frequent travelers and small businesses.

Ideal for anyone who frequently schleps boxes and other gear from place to place, like I do. And it hauls up to 150 pounds at once!


■ Easy-to-use as a luggage/utility cart.
■ Folds down to only 2 inches wide x 25 inches tall.
■ Lightweight aluminum construction – 7 lbs.
■ Effortless opening and closing action.
■ 5 inch retractable rubber wheels for easy movement.
(No air required!) It rolls smoothly on almost all surfaces!
■ Adjustable telescoping handle for tall or short people.
■ Extended dimensions: 16.5W x 15.75D x 39H in.


Best of all, this little handtruck folds up compactly for storage, small enough to carry-on for all your travels. It fits easily in the overhead compartment of planes, trains and automobiles. When you’re not using it, simply hang it on a peg in the garage or stow it next to the fridge. Always available and ready for immediate use. I highly recommend the handy dandy Magna Cart!


* R. I. P.


One response to this post.

  1. Lauralee, I love the wide variety of things you put on your blog. The cookie entry made me so hungry for a good sugar cookie.

    Glad you are enjoying your handy tote thing. Allen uses his 2-wheel cart, which is very similar, and he’s like you; it’s just what is needed for certain jobs.

    Happy Halloween!


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