I {heart} Denmark

On “Oprah” this past Wednesday, she did the whole show on lifestyles of women throughout the world. The first segment was on Denmark and the lives of two typical women in Copenhagen. I was fascinated!

Of all my travels throughout the world it had never occurred to me to make sure to get to Denmark. Germany and The Netherlands are the closest I’ve been. Wowee, I realize now that I missed a great part of the world in neglecting Denmark, so that country has now risen to the top of my “TO GO” list!


The Danish people have been named “The Happiest People on Earth” and no wonder with these and more awesome benefits:
* Free Health Care!
* No stigma against unmarried women.
* One Year maternity leave, with full pay.
* Free Education – The relationship between teacher and pupil is based on a principle of equality and the teacher is not preceived as an absolute authority in possession of all knowledge or truth. “The Danes detest authority . . . there is no bowing and scraping to anyone in Denmark.”
* Elections get turnouts of 90% of the population. The people are highly involved in running their country.
* All aspects of safety for the human family is almost guaranteed. Babies are put outside in their carriages alone to sleep everyday, without any danger of being snatched.
* Freshest food and produce, a big emphasis on outdoor living, everyone rides their bikes – youngest to oldest.
The people love and prefer their native grown goods and services. They don’t rely on imports. Mostly self-sufficient.
* No unemployment. If you are out of a job, then the government takes care of the people.
* No homelessness. Once again the government steps in to help anyone who has fallen on hard times.
* Little distinction is made or shown between classes. Nearly everyone lives on the same level.
* A well organized and comfortable transportation system.

No doubt there are some downsides, for example they pay higher income taxes, but it is a small price to pay for the freedom of this peaceful and stressfree lifestyle. It allows opportunity for relationships and community.

Here are two clips from YouTube from the actual Oprah show. There are some overlaps in information between them, but this about sums up the experience so you will get a good idea. Check them out if you have an interest. (Also featured were women and their livestyles from Istanbul, Dubai, Japan and Rio de Janeiro.) Of them all, Copenhagen grabbed me so I need to go there and check it out for myself.

I loved the aphorism that the father espoused when Oprah was touring their clean, modern, yet sparce uncluttered home. (Note to Self: Start clearing out the storage shed pronto.)


There are hundreds of sites on the internet to explore Denmark if you want to know more about this wonderful country and its informal and relaxed lifestyle. Their traditions, food, architecture, politics, monarchy, economy, history, geography and culture, etc. have become my new passion.

In the meantime, if you’ll excuse me . . .
I’ve gotta go and get packed.


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